Imran Rasheed

I’m Imran Rasheed, an Information Security, and Cyber Security professional dedicated to developing the latest and most robust solutions for organizations and governments through my expertise in the sector. 


In my eighteen years of experience, I have consulted for many blue-chip companies, including BT, Ericsson, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard (HP). As time progressed, my career progressed into the financial industry, where I worked with Barclays Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Lloyds Bank, UK’s HSBC, ABN AMRO Bank in the Netherlands, and Länsförsäkringar Bank (LFAB) in Sweden and more.


However, despite my efforts and contributions to the IT industry, I still felt unsatisfied. My dedication needed a key factor: a sense of commitment. As a result,  my beloved home country. My passion for giving back to my people led me to work for a law enforcement agency as a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) within the nation. 


Over the years, I’ve noticed that our young professionals are not receiving the right guidance they need to achieve their goals and enhance their careers in IT. The best way for me to address my audience & their concerns is to share my wisdom and accumulated knowledge via this platform. My website is aimed at helping others succeed in the world of information security and cyber security. There is a history of hard work and expertise of dedication behind every piece of information I will share. 


Join me in my mission to educate youngsters worldwide and make them cyberspace experts today!