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The Commencement of an IT Revolution, Securing Data & Much More – Imran Rasheed

We see the advanced technology that is easily accessible, but have you ever stopped to think about how the commencement of an IT Revolution begins?

Well…I did and found that advancements in technology certainly did not take place in a single day. It was an arduous and time-consuming process.

The blood, sweat, and tears of countless people who dedicated their years to producing a new era of technology changed the world forever.

The Beginning Of An Life Altering Era

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It still amazes me to this day how the 90s were one of the most memorable periods in history. One of the most notable changes was the momentous shift of everything from a manual format to a digital one.

The advent of the Internet in the 1990s marked the beginning of the digital revolution, which has since given rise to mobile devices, social networking, big data, and cloud computing. Information had then started to turn from physical print to digital libraries. 

Moreover, people could connect all across the globe with the help of wireless communications and the internet. However, the greatest change due to digitalization was observed in businesses. 

The shift to automation of everything increased business performance and ROI. The change to digital also meant that the delivery of services was at a faster speed than before.

Taking A Deeper Look

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As mentioned above, the history of the digital revolution started in the 90s. However, it was from 2005 to 2006 that it came to the realization that IT had revolutionized and became available to the general public.

During this duration, many services, be they private or public, became readily accessible for everyday use.

Moreover, many sectors, including the Banking Sector, started to provide alternative methods that enabled users to access their accounts without the need to visit their respective banks.

Digital transformation affected people’s interactions in day-to-day lives and changed business operations. As a matter of fact, due to the hybrid working ways, many had to adapt to the changes to keep up with the demand for jobs, regardless of the difficulty.

Security and Privacy Concerns About IT

The commencement of the Information Age can be traced back to the Digital Revolution, which, like the Agricultural Revolution and the Industrial Revolution, transformed whole industries (also known as the Computer Age, Digital Age, IT Age, or New Media Age)

It does not come as a surprise that every new aspect has drawbacks. One of the main concerns after the digitalization process was the security of information.

The team’s efforts would have been in vain if the shared data was not protected and was vulnerable to threats of leak and breach. Over the course of the next months, many methodologies were used, but they have yet to prove fruitful.

However, the companies identified this problem, so a solution was devised to overcome it. The solution consisted of forming a department dedicated to dealing with external threats.

Moreover, adding cyber security and information security as domains was done to establish a separate entity that would take care of the security.

It is nice to know the person responsible for information about the organization and cyber security is called the CCO of the company.

The Final Takeaway about Commencement of an IT Revolution 

The change from manual to automatic was definitely a huge leap for mankind. It surely proved its worth, but creating and boosting services raised the security threat problem.

I am amazed at how simple yet intricate the history of the IT revolution is. Even the smallest changes make the biggest waves, which was proven true by digitizing services and products.
In the next part, I will discuss more about the commencement of an IT Revolution. So stay tuned and keep an eye out for what is to come!

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